Tuesday, March 1, 2011


OK, so I've been a little under the weather and haven't done much cooking. This week, I'm making up for it.

Here's what you get to look forward to:

Salmon with cilantro, honey, lime, garlic marinade.
Green Beans with sauteed onions and almonds on top.
Saffron and Garlic Mashed potatoes
Note: I've gathered that the way to bring out the saffron flavor is to let it steep in a liquid...like the milk that I'll use in the mashed potatoes. I'm going to test this tonight.
some sort of salad...

Little turkey mini meatloafs filled with cheese...I don't know what to call these things other than delicious. I created them one night when I was feeling inventive and now they are a great standby.
Basically, you make turkey meatloaf mixture, but put it in muffin pans. Fill the muffin pan half way, put whatever cheese in the middle and then pile on more of the turkey meatloaf stuff (with tomato sauce and a bunch of italian seasonings). These end up tasting kind of like chicken parmesan, without the breading and frying. There are breadcrumbs in the mixture though...
Orzo with garlic, basil, oregano, parmesan cheese, and a little bit of red wine. My friends seem to love this stuff. I think it's all the cheese.
Green salad...not sure what I'll put on it yet.

My experimentation day...
I've been missing my favorite restaurant in Houston and the delicious tapas there, so I'm going to attempt to make a few of my own. Stay tuned for details.

If you have suggestions for beer or wine pairings, please let me know. Tapas on Saturday will definitely be paired with wine.

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