Monday, November 22, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

Hi folks -
I'll post pictures later, but last weekend I did an early thanksgiving with a bunch of friends. It was a delight!
The turkey and dressing recipe is here:
Believe me..."Bacon makes EVERYTHING better"was a phrase uttered around the whole house this weekend. :)

I first had this made for me when I had Thanksgiving with friends in graduate school. I've made it 3 times since then and it's always a hit.

While I was making it, I listened to these guys: The Spring Standards. They are an amazing group I just discovered. Just listening to them doesn't do it justice. You really should see them live. There's no drummer. They've just split up the drum set so each of the other musicians is also playing part of the drum set. Sometimes one will be playing guitar, harmonica and the high hat. Then they'll switch and that guy will play bass guitar. Then the girl will play piano and has a whole set up of other percussion instruments around her and she plays them all. They are fantastic musicians and such a joy to watch and listen to.

Pictures will come tomorrow.

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